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Resource management, resource control

A brief summary of the presentation:

  • the term “project works” because thousands of projects are run annually at T-Systems (including complex programs, but also small-scale tasks)
  • complexity is also illustrated by the specificity of the project manager’s responsibilities: there are project managers who provide complex solutions, there are project managers specialising in IT changes or certain industry solutions (e.g. SAP, health, transport, etc.) in the right places in the organisation – this is a solution for project manager resource management
  • since this is a vendor-side project management, where the revenue comes from successful projects, there is a sharp split between the project preparation and the project itself. And contractual obligations define normal projects, and right along the classic project triangle,
  • However, from a resource management point of view, the preproject (presales, tender, preparation) phase requires important and thorough work, where dedicated experts and engineers carry out resource calculation along the lines of different competences and the necessary background and experience. The concept of typing projects is also reflected, for which estimates and preparations can be made even more stand-up.




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