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Provident PMO debut at the PMO Global Awards international competition

Short summary of the presentation:

  • Steps and lessons of the transformation and development of the PMO organization of Provident Zrt.
  • Provident PMO’s participation in the PMO Global awards online international competition.
  • The PMO Global Awards is an annual scientific competition organized by the PMO Global Alliance non-profit organization to select the best of the continent and then the world from PMOs in 64 countries on 5 continents.
  • The entire application and evaluation process takes place online with the involvement of a virtual professional jury.
  • The initiative aims to encourage PMOs around the world to share their development stories (knowledge, experience, achievements in project management) and provide ideas for further experience and optimization.
  • The competition is an inspiring professional challenge and a great opportunity for all PMO Leads to show themselves to the world



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