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PMO Klub Podcast V. episode

How to Train Yourself as a Project Manager? – The IPMA and PMI Certification Systems

Given the current growth trends, approximately 16 million more project managers will be needed internationally by 2030. The importance of this role cannot be overstated, as quality project management is essential for maintaining production levels in any factory or plant. Project management is a multifaceted profession, and there can be significant differences between project managers. This necessitates a well-established certification system to distinguish various levels of expertise.

A good project manager should inherently have strong organizational and analytical skills. Nowadays, social competencies are even more crucial than in the past. Of course, certification is not everything, as the right attitude is also indispensable. One can be adept at overseeing and managing a system without formal certification. However, the certifications obtained from PMI and IPMA have several positive aspects that can be beneficial.

In the latest episode of the PMO Club podcast, we took a very detailed look at two such certification systems. The guests on the show were András Vikár, Operations Director at SAP Hungary, and András Luczay, Head of the Training Division at Profexec Services.

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