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PMO operational development through the eyes of the project office manager and consultant

Short summary of the presentation:

  • In this unusual presentation, the speakers presented the experience of a PMO operational development project as a case study from different perspectives at the same time.
  • As the PMO renovation was carried out last year with the involvement of a consulting firm, both the customer-side experience and the insights of the external expert were presented.
  • The presentation examined the typical difficulties faced by colleagues working in the project office; what tools are available to management to improve the effectiveness of project management.
  • They presented the project office’s maturity model, how the organization can move to a higher level of maturity, and review how the Demand Management and Development process, which works closely with them, can support this.
  • At the end they discussed the results that the operational development project was able to show and the most topical challenges that can be used to further improve the efficiency of project management and the entire organization.



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