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Resource management challenges and support – SAP

Many external employees, experts and consultants are involved in the implementation of complex projects. The proper monitoring of external workers and the accounting of services are challenges in all projects. Who, when, where, how much work do/do? What objects, what systems do you have access to, and what tools have we made available to you? Does it pose a security risk? Do you have the qualifications you need to do the job? If so, how long do they apply? These and similar questions are answered by the new Vendor Management System (VMS). Among them, the market-leading SAP FieldGlass solution stands out, which can help project and program managers in all of the above challenges– and much more.


  1. Greeting- Sándor Zoltán – Profexec, Managing Director, Vikár András – SAP Hungary, Chief Operating Officer
  2. Support for resource management processes Zsolt Bárány SAP Hungary, Business Manager – Procurement Solutions
  3. Understanding sap fieldglass solution from the perspective of PMO (english perfomance) Brian Rygaard – SAP, Senior solution advisor
  4. Q&A + Networking



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