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Enterprise PMO and moving to agile

A brief summary of the presentation:

During the evening, the audience learnt about the entire career of a needs management process design project, which the presenter told based on personal experience. He talked about the development of the process and its methodology, pitfalls, introductions to each phase of implementation and project-side struggles for resources.
The PMO team of the global company serves more than 500 projects per year. The definition of a project is interesting everywhere, because it is also organizational, to the extent that it is what the PMO supports and to what, at this level, to this extent. Here, “PMO projects” run more than half a year rather than smaller ones.

The entire PMO (portfolio, governance, methodology, support systems, selection, training, etc.) is organised by exxonmobil’s entire PMO, of which the primary task of the domestic staff is to support and serve projects, project managers, but obviously this cannot be independent of other functions.

The main services are:

cost estimation – for multifaceted projects in a wide range of sectors, this requires a specific background for an informed estimate, to which the PMO provides its experience and database as support information background insurance – data structure (sharepoint), templates, document management, meeting organisation, risk records are included in this set of services
project timing planning – helping to use WBS, EVA (which the IM’s are happy to pass on) and supporting the preparation of time plans, again using only the experience incorporated into the PMO.



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