Project portfolio management in the MVM group in an extreme economic environment
Project portfolio management in the MVM group in an extreme economic environment


1. Presentation of the MVM Group through the project portfolio

2. Operational principles of group-wide project portfolio management (MVM Group portfolio management organization; framework management principles, central monitoring of projects, portfolio resource structure)

3. Application of project portfolio planning methodologies in the constantly changing market environment (defining top-down budgets along scenarios, portfolio prioritization, monitoring of grants)

SAP implementations with project management glasses – Deloitte, SAP conference


  • SAP specific project management challenges in domestic, global, international projects
  • Navigating the maze of methodologies and support tools
  • Tips and tricks for SAP project managers
  • Questions and answers

The presentation will be given by Tamás Ankucza, Technology Consulting Manager at Deloitte.

Agile transformations, Agile projects: How does this become a real value and not just a fashionable slogan?

Every day we feel more and more that we live in an extremely complex and rapidly changing world. Globalization processes and today’s events have radically changed the lives and entire industries of billions in a short period of time. In such situations, it is essential that we have an approach that helps us to manage changes flexibly and to create the most value in these circumstances.

In Hungary, agile transformations of large enterprises have started in recent years. At first, typically in software development teams, later in organizations with thousands of employees, as well as in financial, HR and other fields. Through case studies, we look at the main agile organizational development strategies we can see in the Hungarian market.

In an agile environment, the role of project managers also changes: transparent communication, strategic approach and the willingness to work with self-organizing-cross-functional teams are further appreciated. In the presentation, we will show you how to successfully put the agile approach into practice through examples that can be used by project managers, thus successfully managing rapid and complex changes.

PMO development based on project culture maturity survey and stakeholder feedback


  • PMO Baccalaureate Survey Method/Results
  • MOL specific methods and results
  • PMO development project I. foundation, goals, results – Preparation for a bigger step
  • PMO WS, Rethinking Project II Plans – Taking a Bigger Step
  • How can we get leaders to adopt our development ideas?
Resource management challenges and support – SAP

Many external employees, experts and consultants are involved in the implementation of complex projects. The proper monitoring of external workers and the accounting of services are challenges in all projects. Who, when, where, how much work do/do? What objects, what systems do you have access to, and what tools have we made available to you? Does it pose a security risk? Do you have the qualifications you need to do the job? If so, how long do they apply? These and similar questions are answered by the new Vendor Management System (VMS). Among them, the market-leading SAP FieldGlass solution stands out, which can help project and program managers in all of the above challenges– and much more.


  1. Greeting- Sándor Zoltán – Profexec, Managing Director, Vikár András – SAP Hungary, Chief Operating Officer
  2. Support for resource management processes Zsolt Bárány SAP Hungary, Business Manager – Procurement Solutions
  3. Understanding sap fieldglass solution from the perspective of PMO (english perfomance) Brian Rygaard – SAP, Senior solution advisor
  4. Q&A + Networking
Super computers- super project management?

By 2022, a new supercomputer will be built in Hungary, which will significantly increase the capacity currently available by 10 times the hungarian HPC infrastructure. Building a new HPC is a big challenge, especially in a state administrative environment, but perhaps even more challenging for users, since while HPC is already a well-known tool in the university sphere, it is a ground that is fundamentally unknown to market participants, but it is also a new opportunity to use super computing. The event will explore these project management and professional challenges.

Overview of project management ratings and practical experience -IPMA and PMI

During the presentation we talked about general ratings, IPMA and PMI ratings emphasized on the subject, individually and in comparison. We went through the processes, both in time and in preparation, what is needed to obtain different certificates.

Richter PPM tool implementation experience

Miklós Gondolovics, PMO manager at Richter Gedeon, showed us how the project methodology and standards set by the project office are ensured with the help of PPM Tool (Jira & Confluence).

He presented how they typify their projects and how they ‘automated’ project management using the PPM Tool.

He also talked about how this system has grown into an “IT organizational management system” and how it helped work during the COVID epidemic.

Use of waterfall and agile (hybrid) methods in enterprise project management

At this virtual PMO Club, Kristóf Hegedűs, Head of Project Portfolio Management Office of Budapest Bank, presented the topic of Using Waterfall and Agile (Hybrid) Methods in Corporate Project Management.

The short summary of the presentation was as follows:

  • What methodological solutions do they have
  • How they can combine the benefits of each method
  • When and what tools are worth using
  • Annual planning – Project planning and implementation
  • Support tools

Kristóf Hegedűs spoke very practically about how the hybrid, agile and waterfall methods have been successfully integrated and used in Budapest Bank. There was also a recording of the performance, which we shared with those interested.

Discuss the results of the PMO crisis management survey

At the initiative and professional organization of Profexec Kft., We asked questions in March and April 2020 with the help of an online questionnaire in order to better understand how project offices (PMOs) operate during the virus crisis.

After all, 21 respondents responded, which also means 21 different organizations, so this circle already adequately represents the Hungarian PMO society. The results of the survey were discussed at the PMO club regularly organized by Profexec Kft. On 11 June 2020 and at an event of the Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA) on 18 June 2020. In addition to the survey results, the opinions expressed in the online discussions were also included in our summary.

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