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Discuss the results of the PMO crisis management survey

At the initiative and professional organization of Profexec Kft., We asked questions in March and April 2020 with the help of an online questionnaire in order to better understand how project offices (PMOs) operate during the virus crisis.

After all, 21 respondents responded, which also means 21 different organizations, so this circle already adequately represents the Hungarian PMO society. The results of the survey were discussed at the PMO club regularly organized by Profexec Kft. On 11 June 2020 and at an event of the Hungarian Service and Outsourcing Association (HOA) on 18 June 2020. In addition to the survey results, the opinions expressed in the online discussions were also included in our summary.



Right now there's no current PMO Club, but it'll be soon and then come back to us!

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