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Agility from portfolio design to implementation

The electricity grid companies of the E.ON Hungária (E.ON) group of companies supply electricity to end-users in the three counties of Transdanubia and Tisza, its gas network companies operate in six counties in Transdanubia, the energy trading company provides electricity to nearly two and a half million customers in the context of universal service, and is also one of the most important players in the competitive market.

In response to market challenges, E.ON has undergone a major transformation to make the selection, preparation and implementation of it-based projects more efficient. János László, portfolio management manager, and Roland Szmola, head of the transformation team, gave an image of this process. There was a lively exchange of views on the report, where many interesting questions and ideas were raised, and it became clear that agility was essentially not a methodology, but a way of thinking and acting.



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