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Agile transformations, Agile projects: How does this become a real value and not just a fashionable slogan?

Every day we feel more and more that we live in an extremely complex and rapidly changing world. Globalization processes and today’s events have radically changed the lives and entire industries of billions in a short period of time. In such situations, it is essential that we have an approach that helps us to manage changes flexibly and to create the most value in these circumstances.

In Hungary, agile transformations of large enterprises have started in recent years. At first, typically in software development teams, later in organizations with thousands of employees, as well as in financial, HR and other fields. Through case studies, we look at the main agile organizational development strategies we can see in the Hungarian market.

In an agile environment, the role of project managers also changes: transparent communication, strategic approach and the willingness to work with self-organizing-cross-functional teams are further appreciated. In the presentation, we will show you how to successfully put the agile approach into practice through examples that can be used by project managers, thus successfully managing rapid and complex changes.



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